Merritt Anderson

Vice President of Employee Experience and Engagement @ GitHub

Merritt Q. Anderson is GitHub’s Vice President of Employee Experience and Engagement (EEE). She serves on GitHub’s executive team overseeing learning and development, diversity and inclusion, workplace operations, and the employee experience and advocacy teams. She has over a decade of cross-functional HR leadership experience and is responsible for fostering an inclusive workplace that promotes continued professional growth and amplifies the company’s commitment to diversity and belonging. Merritt joined the company in 2014 as the first employment counsel and later served as the Global Head of Human Resources. She played an instrumental role in establishing internal policies and guidelines for GitHub’s global distributed workforce. Most notably, she initiated and launched the ‘Hubber Handbook,’ GitHub’s first employee handbook–which was built collaboratively using GitHub–and incorporated company-wide employee feedback, in the spirit of open source and transparency.
Prior to GitHub, Merritt was a Compliance & Privacy Officer at Kaiser Permanente and served as the Regional Director of Human Resources, leading the diversity and inclusion strategy and agenda for Northern California. She is passionate about utilizing her background in employment law and human resources to increase organizational performance and employee satisfaction. Merritt holds a B.S. from Santa Clara University and a J.D. from the University of San Francisco.