Martin Hall M.S. Cyb. Sys. Ph.D.

Associate Consultant @ SVS Consulting Services

Martin Hall serves as an Associate Consultant with SVS Consulting Services of Napa, California. He is an experienced international consultant and coach in leadership development and organizational culture change and has twenty years of experience as a practitioner, theorist, and author. Martin specializes in systems, values, and organizational leadership development. His consulting and coaching experience includes everything from small businesses to Global 2000 organizations and covers a broad range of industries including non-profit, education, healthcare, technology, shipping, and financial services.
Martin has a passion for leadership development, organizational culture change and community service. He served as an agent for change while working as a principal at Values Technology. During his tenure with Values Technology, Martin worked on the Hall-Tonna Framework of Values, the Values Measurement Instrument, and designed and developed the online values-based measurement tools. He also designed and developed a values-based document analysis, which highlights how well an organization is communicating its values. Martin additionally was the architect of a large-scale intervention related to organizational culture change. This methodology has been successfully applied within Global 2000 organizations. He brings this vast experience to our team.

He and Suzanne Van Stralen recently created The Stages of Leadership Framework, a process that enables individuals and teams to adapt to unpredictable environments and seize opportunities to innovate. The framework depicts five developmental stages of leadership growth. Each stage represents a leadership mindset or worldview. Our mindsets influence how we view the world, make decisions and take actions. A mindset can open or close possibilities. Martin also created a Beliefs Framework, which helps individuals, teams, and organizations navigate their leadership development. The Beliefs Framework offers specific beliefs, skills and behaviors related to The Stages of Leadership Framework. Participants identify where they are on the 5 Stages of Leadership framework, where they want to be on the framework, and how they will employ specific beliefs and tangible skills and behaviors to support their growth.

Martin holds a PH.D. in Management Systems and Science from the University of Lincoln. His doctoral research focused on Systems Thinking and Human Values. He additionally earned a Master of Science in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Santa Clara University. He lives in Napa, California with his three children, two dogs and a cat.