Suzann Van Stralen, MSOD, MAT, Ph.D.

Owner/ Manager @ SVS Consulting Services

Suzanne founded SVS Consulting Services (SVSCS) in 1993 and serves as the Owner/ Manager and works as an Associate Consultant. She is an experienced national and international educator, consultant and coach in leadership development and organizational culture change. Suzanne specializes in processes that promote innovation and creativity, career readiness, professional workplace skills, and lasting organizational culture change.

She has over twenty years of experience working with individuals and teams within the profit and non-profit sectors. Suzanne currently focuses equal attention towards young adults preparing for life and careers and adults who are already employed. She is passionate about the value of transformative learning through leadership development and additionally foregrounds the value of community service both locally and globally.

Suzanne was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently resides in Napa, California. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) from Mills College, Oakland, California. After college and five years of work experience, she completed requirements for a Masters in the Art of Teaching Degree (MAT) from Notre Dame University and subsequently worked as a youth educator for ten years in both private and public education. Her life and changing circumstances led her to work in Marketing for Pacific Telephone and AT&T. During significant organizational change, she became interested in the field of Organizational Development and AT&T sponsored her enrollment and completion of Pepperdine University‚Äôs Master of Science in Organization Development Degree (MSOD). Suzanne subsequently worked for AT&T and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals as an Organization Development Consultant. She then completed her Ph.D. in the field of Transformative Learning and Change. Suzanne also served on the faculty of Saint Mary’s College’s Masters in Leadership Development Program for ten years. and now focuses most of her time and energy introducing and implementing the Compass Series ( Learning Program for young adults and organizational teams. This hybrid learning program offers young adults and organizational teams opportunities to innovate as they acquire expanded professional skills.

She and Martin Hall recently created The Leadership Path framework, a process that enables individuals and teams to adapt to unpredictable environments and find new ways to innovate. The framework depicts five developmental steps of leadership growth. Each step represents a mindset or worldview. Our mindsets influence how we view the world, make decisions, and take action. A mindset can open or close possibilities. Suzanne and Martin combine this framework with a Beliefs framework that Martin created. The Beliefs framework offers specific Beliefs, skills, and behaviors related to the Leadership Path framework. Individuals and teams identify where they are on the Leadership Path and where they want to go on the path. They identify and work with specific skills and behaviors to support their growth.
Suzanne has worked closely with the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI) for the past 5 years. Their partnership and common focus involves supporting and expanding career opportunities and professional skills for underrepresented (Latinos) in the Information Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. This work includes a shared commitment for advancing young Latinos in STEM careers and jobs in the technology sector.