Lida Tohidi

CEO @ Pidari

Lida is an action-oriented, charismatic, and results-focused professional with 10+ years of experience in operations: strategic planning, marketing, and project management. The last 5 years have been focused on small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and mission-driven tech startups. Lida graduated with top honors from a selective bachelors program in Biomedical Science with a minor in Global Studies. She also completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a top university in Switzerland. She is driven by dynamic and fast-paced health and tech environments, with desire to excel in all endeavors. She has a proven proficiency in initiating, leading, and completing projects in complex settings. Lida is a passionate and creative leader, who thrives under pressure, with experience working in multi -disciplinary and -cultural teams. She speaks 3 languages well (and another 3 poorly). She has cumulatively spent months in silence at mindfulness meditation retreats, and she is very passionate about inclusion in tech and beyond!