Jesse Martinez

Co-founder and Co-chair @ Latino Startup Alliance

Jesse Martinez is the co-founder and co-chair of the Latino Startup Alliance, a non-profit supporting global Latino tech entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems. He is also the co-founder of AVION Ventures, the 1st pre-accelerator focused on Latina women working on a startup and based in San Francisco.

Martinez co-founded along with his brother in 1998 one of the first U.S. online bilingual Latino communities ( which was recognized by a U.S. Congressional Record by the House of Representatives in 1999 for their efforts around technology in Latino community. He was also the co-founder of his 2nd startup – Giggo, a groupon-like venture delivering their messaging all in Spanish, and the co-founder/COO of his 3rd startup – Relevance, where he served as the country director under the Startup Brasil Program.

Martinez is also an advisor to several startups, for Hackers/Founders Co-op, for #YesWeCode, for SXSW 2016 Accelerator, TechCrunch 9th Annual Crunchies Board Member, for the Global EIR Coalition Community Advisor Committee Member. In addition, a 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Attendee, a team leader for the U.S. White House on Tech Inclusion, and a previous Board Member for MEDA (Mission Economic Development Agency).