James E. Wright

Diversity Recruiting Senior Program Manager @ LinkedIn

As LinkedIn’s Diversity Recruiting Senior Program Manager, James Wright partners closely with the company’s Tech Talent Acquisition team and others to seek a diverse slate of candidates and an inclusive and welcoming hiring process.

James previously managed NBCUniversal’s Talent Acquisition Pipeline Development and was the 2012 Diversity Director of The Staffing Management Association of Southern California (SMA). He has held roles in AOL’s Operations group as an Engineer and worked in Law & Public Policy at MCI – the nation’s second largest telecommunications company at the time. Additional experience includes organizing lobbying conventions and political visits for senior government officials including two U.S. Presidents.

James approaches his work with the notion that we – YES, ALL OF US – have a multitude of opportunities in the day to engage, encourage, listen to, and learn from someone who is different from ourselves. Wright constantly poses the question: how will you use today to advance authentic inclusion?