Danny J. Allen

Vice President & Tech Diversity Lead @ SAP Silicon Valley Labs

A seasoned technologist and serial entrepreneur, Danny has been able to turn a passion for change into an assignment at SAP Labs in Tech Diversity; dedicated to finding a self-sustaining method for ethnic inclusion via the natural complement to corporate profitability; especially for SAP in Cloud Engineering and Cybersecurity. He works with all SAP teams, while focusing on partnership and collaboration with our SAP ecosystem partners, customers and schools in three areas:
• Supply (Talent pipeline development and sourcing)
• Demand (Industry diversity exposure and best practice sharing)
• Legislative (Government partnering and policy response).

Prior to undertaking this diversity role, Danny led the global Cloud Operations and Service Delivery team within SAP’s UxD development team. Since 2009, he has been responsible for the Operational Engineering and Architecture necessary to deploy SAP next-generation applications on various Cloud infrastructures; inclusive of methodologies for developing automated infrastructure management and security.
During his 30+ year career in information systems, software development, voice/data/video infrastructure, operations, support and management. He has experienced and contributed to innovation in numerous industries: Computing, Banking, Engineering, Research, Broadcast and Telecommunications.

Mr. Allen is a graduate of Swarthmore College, where he received a B.A. in Economics with coursework in Electrical Engineering, and Saint Mary’s College of California, where he received his Masters of Business Administration. He is a past member of the IEEE Communications Society and ACM; recipient of Electric Power Research Institute’s Business Excellence award; served as a member of the Technology Committee for the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group and was a faculty member of Business Communications Review on communications technology.